For me, dessert is the main course.

It’s always been like that, even as a kid. Growing up, I’d be begging my grandmother to make me œufs à la neige for dessert. That’s right, floating islands — because even then, I was a sugar snob.

Many years later, when I was working as a newspaper reporter, my candy crush turned into a career change. I switched from covering city commission meetings and local crime in South Florida to stacking cakes and shaping croissants in New York City. That was 2009.

I’ve been kicking it in the land of pastry ever since. Once, I helped renowned chocolatier Jacques Torres give a kitchen demo. I spent years working in the kitchens of three-Michelin star chef Jean Georges Vongerichten. And — in my scariest moment as a cook not involving fire or knives — prepared and presented a PowerPoint to Thomas Keller, named Best Chef in America and father of the famed The French Laundry.

As an immigrant, my love of the sweet stuff has also been a link to my past. Meringue will always, always remind me of Chile, where I was born. And banana camburadas still send me back to Venezuela, where I spent part of my childhood.

Now that I’m based in Pittsburgh, I use dessert as a way to keep exploring. And because I’m still a documentarian at heart, my camera records the process.

Look around, maybe find some inspiration for your own killer creations. Or if you’d like to discuss a collaboration or a custom order for a special event, please get in touch here.




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